CELLO COMUNICATIONS NETWORK - Striking the right chord

Cello Communications Network
Striking the right chord

Cello Communications Network is a network of professionals, scattered around the globe, all working in the field of communication and all deeply believing in its boundless power. With members ranging from trainers to artists, from psychologists to singers, from performers to writers, from translators to tour managers, from IT consultants to playwrights, and then some, Cello Communications Network proudly claims that any communication need or problem you might have could be addressed, tackled and effectively met and resolved by one or more of these professionals collaborating together.

Cello Communications Network was created by Marcello Mereu. Marcello and all of his collaborators deeply believe that communication can bridge any gaps between human beings, if we only strike the right chord. Cello Communications Network will help you exactly do that, striking that right chord, and give you the results you have been looking for.

You need a website, but you need it to be translated into Japanese as well as into other languages, Cello Communications Network will find the right people and will connect them together. They will work together on your needs and avoid you having to talk to different consultants and trying different sources.

But this is just one example. Here are a few more: you have always wanted to visit Costa Rica and you need a French speaking local guide, Cello Communications Network will find that for you. You are working in a multicultural team and there are a number of communication issues, Cello Communication Network will train you to deal with them. You have written a few songs and you need to put a demo tape together, Cello Communications Network will find the right people near you. You have always wanted to act and are looking for the right summer course, guess what, Cello Communications Network will get you enrolled quicker thank you can say "Shakespeare".

Just write to info@cellocom.net with your questions, queries, doubts and/or requests and we will get back to you with clear answers and results. We're only a couple of clicks away, really...


Cello Communications Network sprl - 76, rue gachard, 1050 Ixelles - Bruxelles - VAT : 0895378690 - Email: info@cellocom.net